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Data Recovery Services Miami

Data Recovery Services Miami

Losing the data on your device can be frustrating, especially if the information was important to you. Luckily, you can have it retrieved whether you were using a hard drive, RAID, built-in, or tape storage. Wholesale Computers & Technology is a company that specializes in data recovery services. Our team is well-equipped and highly experienced in dealing with failed storage devices to recover files lost from computers and laptops.

The Different Types of Data Recovery Services

A lot of people who have heard about data recovery services may not know that there are various types of services. The difference is as a result of the storage devices used. Here are some of the data recovery services that professionals offer:

  • Hard Drive Recovery

Hard disk drives (HDD) are the most common type of data storage used. Found in laptops and computers, they’re preferred by many because of their large storage capacity. So far, a single hard disk drive can store up to 15 terabytes of data. Hard disk recovery services help to recover data lost from HDDs in various ways, including physical damage.

  • Tape Recovery

Nowadays, tapes are normally used by large organizations that need to store specific data for an extended period, mostly for legal purposes. Hospitals and other institutions typically utilize them as a backup storage method.

  • RAID

Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) is a type of data storage where multiple HDDs are used to store the same information. This reduces the risk of losing crucial files in the event where one of the hard drives fails. RAIDs can be found in servers. In case you lose your RAID drives, it’s advisable to only consult data recovery specialists and avoid trying to do it yourself as these are complex systems.

Myths About Data Recovery that You Should be Wary About

There are many myths about data recovery that cause many computer users to make costly mistakes once their hard disks have failed. Here are some of the most common ones that you should avoid:

  • A Recovery Software is all You Need to Recover Lost Data

A recovery software might help you to get back your lost data, but only when you know how to use it without overwriting your deleted files. Also, the software will only work if you're trying to fix the right kind of data loss, for instance, erroneous deletion. If your hard disk is physically damaged, a recovery software will not help, even if you use a data recovery guide. Eventually, you'll have to look for professional data recovery services.

  • Freezing the HDD Will Fix It

Some individuals believe that putting a hard drive in a freezer will resolve overheating, which is one of the causes of data loss. The cold temperatures are meant to contract the write head, unsticking it, and allowing it to function again. While this may sound like a plausible theory, it doesn’t work, and you may end up damaging your HDD further because of the exposure to moisture.

Always consult with technicians who can offer you the best secure data recovery services before trying anything on your own.

Recovery Experts at Your Service

When you have vital files at stake, come to Wholesale Computers & Technology for data recovery. Call us today on 954.633.5353 to find out more about our other top services, including RAID recovery.

Data Recovery Services Miami
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